Why buy from us?

We pride ourselves on being an eco friendly, sustainable and always cruelty free brand. We plant trees with every order you place with us to help offset our carbon footprint and do our bit for our treasured earth. 

We believe that fragrances really do bring back memories and feelings of nostalgia which is how the brand started. 

We want products to conjure up memories and experiences. Whether it's the smell of freshly picked blackberries that you once collected with your mother, the fragrance of those beautifully arranged flowers you had in your wedding bouquet, the aroma of the cinnamon your grandfather used to add to your warm milk to help you sleep or that earthy scent of the day it rained when you shared that very important first kiss.

All of our home fragrance products are hand poured in small batches in our little garden studio in Ascot, England. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to ensure that each product not only smells delicious but also looks beautiful in your home.

Where possible, we always support small businesses based in the UK. So all of our ingredients, containers, labels and packaging are from companies just like us. Small and British.