Our story

When my great grandfather Eric passed away, my parents moved from the hustle and bustle of Twickenham to leafy Surrey to live with my great grandmother Dorothy.

Growing up, I always loved anything that involved crafts or my imagination which was heavily encouraged by my great grandmother. My mother worked full time in Bayswater and father in Ealing so me and my sister were lucky enough to spend lots of time with our great grandmother.

One of my very first childhood memories is sitting in the garden with my great grandmother, making fairy wings out of newspaper and delicate little chains out of freshly picked daisies to wear as a crown. Many afternoons were spent in that garden, picking flowers to make floral water. 

I remember my great grandmothers little English garden so vividly.

I remember the smell of the roses in the summer sun, the blackberry bushes which used to grow through the fence at the end of the garden, which I used to stand on tip toes to pick so crumble could be made for desert, the old glass greenhouse which housed her ‘moneymaker’ tomatoes, the huge hydrangea bushes which produced giant blooms in the most delicate shades of pink and purple.

Each season in that garden was more beautiful than the last. In the spring we would watch the robins fly in and out of the honeysuckle playing hide and seek, in the summer I would catch newts from the pond and inspect each ones little face before carefully putting them back, the autumnal colours were magnificent and on the rare occasion that it snowed, it coated everything with a blanket of white making the garden look so peaceful, like an enchanted winter wonderland.

My great grandmother would always say 'Ducky (this was what she called me), make sure you nurture this earth and look after all of mother natures creatures, no matter how great or small'. 

Fast forward to 2012, still in love with anything that involved crafts (thanks to my wonderful Great Grandmother), I decided to attend a candle making course. Ever since that first candle course, I have been perfecting my craft and creating lots of things that involve fragrance. From fig and poppy seed cold process soaps, massage candles and even perfume.

It was only until 2014 that I took the plunge and decided it was time to see how far my love of crafts and fragrance could take me, so I set up a little candle brand. And the rest they say is history...