Wax Melt Segment Pots

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Gorgeous wax melt segment pots which are made from within recycled PET packaging and fully recyclable.

Each pot contains six gorgeous segments and contains botanicals just like our loose wax melts. 

Contains approximately 60 hours of burn time. 

Rhubarb & Dark Berries

Top notes- Rhubarb 

Middle notes- Pear, Black Grape, Raspberry

Base notes- Blackberry & Plum


Top notes- Coconut 

Middle notes- Lilac & Lavender 

Base notes- Vanilla & Cedarwood

Amber & Oud

Top notes- Peony 

Middle notes- Amber & Clove 

Base notes- Oud & Praline 

Coconut & Almond

Top notes- Bergamot & Orange 

Middle notes- Coconut 

Base notes- Coconut & Almond

Sandalwood, Oakmoss & Fig

Top notes- Fig, Blackcurrant and Bergamot

Middle notes- Iris, Tuberose and Carnation

Base notes- Oakmoss, Sandalwood and Amber

Raspberry & Pink Pepper 

Top notes- Raspberry, Pink Pepper 

Middle notes- Vetivert 

Base notes- Musk 

Bergamot, Patchouli & Grapefruit

Top notes- Grapefruit, Bergamot 

Middle notes- Patchouli 

Base notes- Leather