Seasonal Wax Melts

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Our seasonal segment pots contain fragrances that are created especially for the Autumn and Winter months.

Our segment pots are made from recycled PET packaging and fully recyclable.

Each pot contains six gorgeous segments and contains botanicals just like our loose wax melts. 

Contains approximately 60 hours of burn time. 

Spiced Pumpkin

Top notes - Nutmeg & Orange

Middle notes: Ginger

Base notes: Tonka Bean 

Glowing Embers 

Top notes- Bergamot & Lemon Leaf 

Middle notes- Eucalyptus 

Base notes- Frankincense, Massoia Wood & Musk 

Warm Apples & Spice 

Top notes- Warm Apples

Middle notes- Spices

Base notes- Cinnamon 


Top notes- Warm Gingerbread 

Middle notes- Caramel 

Base notes- Vanilla

Winter Wonderland

Top notes- Green Leaf, Orange 

Middle notes- Pine 

Base notes- Clove